If so, you should avoid using this domain.

If you want to create a successful site that will last over time, it’s best to choose a strong domain that is not tied to current trends. Make sure that even in 10 years your domain will be recognizable and current.

Unless you are a business tycoon with millions of dollars of budget to spend on advertising, stick to the line of the good web marketer. Aim for a niche and conquer it. If you are dealing with strollers for children aged 2 to 3, avoid buying a generic domain and keep within your context. An example? www.passegginiperbimbi.com

If you want to know what SEO is, take some time and read my 50 SEO tips for those starting from scratch.

Avoid buying domains including items (il, lo, la, i, gli, le). These do not serve the purpose of indexing search engines and lengthen the domain, sometimes causing even a little confusion. If you can avoid them. I repeat, they are useless.

Search engines know how long your domain is registered. If you buy it for a year, you give the impression that you are not here to stay and therefore you do not give an authoritative image of your site (crazy psychology of search engines). Choose your WWW name carefully. And I recommend that you always buy a domain for at least 3 years.

If you run into difficulties or need our advice, please contact us by activating our WordPress Support.

It will also be convenient because with SiteGround, whichever hosting plan you choose, you will have a free domain for one year.

If you have chosen a domain with a unique name and you want to make sure that no one can create a site on a domain that is vaguely similar to yours… buy all the variations of that name and all the extensions. Defend your domain by blocking access to your niche for other potential contenders.

If you are very undecided and the only thing that is clear to you is only the topic of your site, get help from the online tools. In fact, there are sites like Lean Domain Search or Bustaname that allow you to automatically generate a domain, starting from the keywords entered by you.

You may not find the perfect name from the results of these tools, but you might be inspired by the name that suits you.

Also if you have a unique name that you don’t want others to use, be sure to register your site’s trademark right away.

When choosing your domain, think about who will come to visit you. What do they expect to find us? Who will be your typical visitors? How old are they? Also consider the psychology of your users before choosing your site name!

Try to see what your domain might look like when your site is shared on social channels. This way you will have a guideline to follow to encourage the dissemination of your content.

Take a trip to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and check where the domain of other sites appears.

Using Google Chrome, double click on the web page and select Inspect Item. At that point, change the address of the site you found in the HTML by entering yours. For more information on working with HTML codes, take a look at the WordPress video course HTML module.

Study carefully how your potential domain looks and choose the one that has the most visual impact.

For example, in the image below I have replaced SOS WP both in the title of the page and in the username, with a test name:

Much can be said about the use of hyphens (sos-wp.it for example) within the domain. In my opinion, as well as other web masters, there is no difference between a site that has a dash and one that does not.

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